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Ask Us Anything: Adam & Matt


Love the podcast can’t stop listening I’m from Gainesville Ga and I wanted to see if you guys did an episode on the lake Lanier curse. – Fredy

  • Adam - No we haven't done that one yet


Have you ever tried Vegemite?  Thoughts? – Dan

  • Adam - I haven't tried it yet, but would be willing to give it a shot


I have been a long-time listener of your creepily wonderful Podcast. I don’t binge it, but I do listen to your episodes that interest me, (which are the vast majority of them) and with that said, I have a request for an episode: “The Satanic Panic” or something along the lines of ‘Satanic Symbols’ and how that could tie in with Poltergeists, Demonic Possessions, Hauntings, etc. or how it could be Mass Hysteria - How people can be bullied or heavily criticized because of what other people do not understand.

I was born and raised in the South, and still reside in Alabama. Even though I’m 31 now, I’m still to this day heavily ridiculed for my “Goth”/“Emo” clothing style, heavy black makeup, and for daring to question anything other than Christianity.

I would be so very thankful if you could please shed some light on these topics - maybe incorporate it into one cohesive “Graveyard Tales” episode or make it a 2-part episode.

I have an amazing boyfriend who accepts me just as I am, and completely loves me for it, although our belief systems clash in certain ways, he does understand my view on these things. It’s refreshing to hear some “redneck good ‘ole boys” with open minds, who are more than willing to look at things differently as well.

 My boyfriend thinks you are great! He always says: “Let’s listen to “Graveyard Tales” baby, I want to hear Ghost stories and stuff tonight.”

 My boyfriend and The “Graveyard Tales” podcast is why I haven’t given up hope on the South... especially the state of Alabama!

“Graveyard Tales”, I cannot begin to thank you enough! 5/5 stars all day long!

I give you full, complete permission to read this aloud on a recording of your podcast.. – Ashley

  • Adam - We can put that on our list to look into. I think it would be a cool episode


Have you done a podcast on the Victorian era practice of death photography?  From what little I know, it's super macabre. – Greg

  • Adam - No we haven't done that one yet


Have you done any podcasts around the town of Savannah, Georgia? Apparently, there are a lot of hauntings in and around the historic locations there. – Greg

  • Adam - We don't have an episode specifically on Savannah but I think in one of our urban legends episodes we discuss on legend from the savannah area


Hello! I was wondering it you can put all episodes YouTube please. – Tanner

  • Adam - I'm working on getting the episodes on YouTube but it will be a slow process getting our back catalog on there


I know that y'all dip into cryptozoology from time to time. What do you think of the rake? – Ty

  • Adam - Well since the Rake started as a creepypasta I think that if there are real life encounters with it then it has reached the realm of Tulpa and we have brought it into existence ourselves


I just discovered your podcast and I'm addicted! Have you ever heard of the Ogopogo? I used to live along Okanagan Lake, so I got to grow up in a town with a lake monster. He's got his own website! – Sarah

  • Adam - We almost put the Ogopogo into our Lake Monster Month but it didn't make it. It's still on our list of cryptids to do though!


Have you researched the Vietnamese city of Hue? (It's pronounced like "whey.") Hue was obliterated in the US military victory there in the Tet offensive.  The civilians and Vietcong dead were 'buried' as road fill when the US military left the country and the new communist Vietnamese government rebuilt the city.  I have been there, but I have heard from Americans and Vietnamese that visiting the ancient city can send chills through you in 100° heat with tropical humidity.  I'd like to learn more about what is going on in Hue City. – Anonymous

  • Adam - It definitely sounds like a city to look into


I would love to know more about Jesse James. We have tales that both he and Frank hid out in Walker County, Alabama when they were being pursued by the law. Where did all of his ill gotten gains go? – Martha

  • Adam – That will have to get added to our episode list, sounds like a good one


What is your favorite urban legend – Leah

  • Adam – Not sure I have an all time fave but 2 I always think of are the Goat Man Bridge and the Bunny Man


There is 1 bedroom in our house that our child talks about terrifying dark figures occasionally showing up at night.  My kids wanted to switch bedrooms, which we did last week, and last night my other kid described a similar thing happening to her. She wasn’t aware of her sister’s experience. You guys have mentioned crystals or stones you keep on your nightstand to keep away negative spirits. What do you suggest?– Christina

  • Adam – What has worked for me is Black Tourmaline


Hi ya fellas, love your show by the way. Would you guys ever considered doing a podcast about Southern Latin America such as the mystery of Machu Picchu and areas from the Aztec or even Mayan Legends?– Jonathan

  • Adam – Yeah that's definitely in our wheel house and would be cool to look into


What is your favorite BAD horror movie?– Scott

  • Adam – Bubba Ho-Tep


Who is your favorite band? – Ashley

  • Adam – That’s tough….Some of my favorites are Foo Fighters, Trivium, GreenDay, Metallica


Please define the Stone Tape Theory. – Dewald

  • Adam & Matt - the stone tape theory says: stone (or other substances can retain the memory of an event that happened on or near it, like a video tape or cassette tape would. It then can replay the event(s) indefinitely under the right circumstances

Have y’all ever been sent an Army challenge coin? – Deitra

  • Adam – I have not! I think they’re awesome though! I found one once in a military pack I bought from an army surplus store… but that doesn’t really count I guess

  • Matt – I have seen them, but certainly haven’t been sent one.


If you could be any cryptid/ paranormal being/mythical creature.....what would you choose to be and why? - Emma

  • Adam – I think I would be Sasquatch! Because I would be famous world wide and I would be great at avoiding human contact (which I have been trying to perfect anyway for years Ha) 

  • Matt – Definitely ole Mr. Foot!  I don’t really enjoy having my picture taken, and at least I wouldn’t be stuck in some old lake.


How did y'all meet? - Dianna, Karen, Crista, Becky

  • We met through mutual friends


What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? - Michelle, Kat

  • Adam – Honestly it depends on my mood. I love plain homemade vanilla from Bluebell or recently the Cookie Dough Overload stuff from Bluebell is awesome! Actually if it’s Bluebell, it’s awesome!

  • Matt – My all time favorite would have to be Everything But The... by Ben and Jerry’s, but it has gotten difficult to find here.  If I’m buying a tub, I’m with Adam, Blue Bell is by far the best, but it has to have peanut butter in it!


How long have the two of you known each other? - Dottie, Becky

  • Adam - We met back around the end of 2010 so about a decade now! But Matt is one of those friends that I feel like I’ve known forever!

  • Matt – It’s been a while for sure.  We think on the same wavelength, so our stories from “back in the day” are pretty similar.


What’s your best recipe? Doesn’t matter what it’s for. Could be Food or laundry detergent or leather dye. - Robert

  • Adam – One of my favorites is a marinade for Chicken, Pork, or even steaks:

    • A can of Dr. Pepper, ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce, 2 tsp cherry juice, a few shakes of soy sauce, and then onion powder and garlic powder to taste. Marinate for at least 3hrs. Better if left over night. Then grill over charcoal!! Thank me later!

  • Matt – I would have to say my creamy cheese grits and my pasta salad.  Both were simply recipes that I have added to over the years, but they get rave reviews.


When did you decide to do a podcast together? - Crista & Karen

  • Adam – Ever since we first met, we talked about paranormal stuff! And in 2017 we talked about starting a podcast to just kinda put those conversations out there because we thought others would be interested and wanted to hear more stories from other people! So we put out our 1st episode in October of 2017

  • Matt – It was really Amanda’s idea, based on a conversation we had during a road trip.  We were listening to King Falls A.M. and I said “You know, I could do this.”  Amanda said that I should.  So a week or so later, Adam was at the house and Amanda brought it up.  We spent the next several hours coming up with a name, topics, format, etc. Before we knew it, we were ordering equipment and getting things rolling.  That was the summer of 2017 and it took us until October to get the first one recorded.  Been pumping them out ever since.


Have you ever done an episode about Robert the doll? - MsRandom

  • Our episode on Haunted Dolls (episode 5) has a Robert the Doll segment


How do you guys feel about eating in the bathtub? Would you say it's "pathetic" and "unhygenic", or an efficient way to save time and enjoy your meal in more privacy and relaxation? Asking for a friend. - Autumn

  • Adam – well, I have never eaten anything or drank anything in the tub/shower before and I probably never will. To me, it’s simply a place to get clean and I’ve never understood shower beers or whatnot. But in a tub I can understand a drink of some sort but to me I wouldn’t want food in there… It would somehow get soggy and I’m enough of a germophobe I’d envision germs jumping from the water to the food

  • Matt – Well, I don’t take baths, and I had my share of shower beers in college, but now I don’t really see the point for myself. 


Any thoughts on researching Skinwalker Ranch? - Tamara

  • Adam – We researched Skinwalker Ranch for episode 12 and after looking at everything and hearing the stories. And after thinking about it on and off for so many years, I’m convinced there is something going on there. I don’t know what but there is definitely some strangeness coming into our world at that place. Maybe it’s a place where portals align to allow things from neighboring dimensions to come through or maybe there’s some energy there drawing all the strange things in our dimension to it…. I don’t know

  • Matt – I agree with Adam that something weird is definitely going on there. We did gather a lot of information for our Skinwalker episode, but it focused mainly on skinwalkers and not all the other craziness that goes on at the ranch.  If I was going to do any further research, it would be there in person. 


When will you be coming near Oklahoma? - Unknown

  • Adam – I live pretty close to Oklahome nowadays! Ha! If you mean for a live show or something, we’re not sure. We want to do some live shows in neighboring states but don’t know when we can.

  • Matt – I drove to Tulsa once...I swore then I would never drive back.  Can’t say when, but if I do, it’s going to be on a plane. 


Is there any interesting Australian places you’d like to cover in the future? - Jack

  • Adam – I would like to look at the Black Mountain in Queensland. (And would really love to explore it)

  • Matt – I would really like to visit the Monte Cristo Homestead.  Something about it really drew me in while we were researching it.


What are your day jobs? - Unknown

  • Adam – Recently I started Podcasting/Editing fulltime (while also being a stay at home dad)

  • Matt – I am a physical therapist.  I have been working in home health for the last 15 years.

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