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EP 3 The Ouija Board (Halloween Episode)

It’s our Halloween Episode and we’re excited! …. And also a little scared Have any of you ever had the idea to contact a relative who has passed or have a conversation with a demon? Well there are certainly several ways one can go about this, but the most accessible way is the Ouija Board. You can find them in the game section of most stores right next to Monopoly, Life, and Candy Land. They’re harmless, right? Right?! Is that really Grandpa? Did Aunt Bee actually get back in touch to tell me she was doing fine? Well we don’t believe so! Join us in our discussion of the dangers of the Ouija board, the entities involved with them and as we share some stories of what can go wrong when you open the doorway to things we don’t understand. During the recording of this episode Zozo decided to mess with the recording software because he didn’t like us talking about him… we made it through the night though! We hope you do as well! Happy Halloween from the GraveYard!