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EP 20 Montana State Prison

Prisons are notoriously rough… very few though were rougher than The Old Montana State Prison. Tonight we dive into the history, escape attempts, riots, deplorable conditions, and violence that could possibly be the reasons why there still seem to be inhabitants there. And of course we discuss the current inhabitants… this IS GraveYard Tales after all!

The New US Nessie?

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EP 19 Bigfoot

Do you know what Bigfoot is? Have you ever wondered what to do if you see a bigfoot? Have you ever wondered about the possible explanations for what Bigfoot might be? Well tonight we discuss all these! Join us for one of Adam’s favorite topics…. A cryptid conversation about one of the most well know and most sighted ones out there!

EP 18 Exorcisms & Tulpas

Tonight we travel different paths! Matt teaches us about what exorcisms are and explains how to tell if we may need a demon removal! And Adam teaches us about Tulpas and how you can create your very own! Join us on our first independent research episode! Adam’s Jack Russell decided she needed to be heard at the end of the episode so we apologize…. Either that or it was his house ghost!

EP 17 Codex Gigas

Tonight Adam brings you some listener stories and Matt brings you the history of the Codex Gigas. We discuss some of the oddities of the manuscript and give you our theories.