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EP 16 Reincarnation

Tonight we discuss Reincarnation! We take a brief look at the religious belief in reincarnation and past lives. We discuss some signs that might show you’ve had previous lives. And share some stories of people who remember their previous lives

EP 15 Ghosts of the White House

Tonight we discuss the ghosts of the White House. We give you a brief history of the White House and touch on all the rooms that have had paranormal activity. This episode was brought to you by Caffeine. In several different forms, and probably in a quantity too high for normal humans, so enjoy!

EP 14 Aokigahara Forest

On tonight’s episode we discuss a very sensitive subject. One that’s very personal to both of us. If any of our listeners are in a dark place, remember dark times pass. If you need to talk to someone please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255
Tonight we discuss the history and Folklore of the Aokigahara Forest in Japan. We can’t discuss this forest without discussing its other name… The Suicide Forest. Each year dozens (up to hundreds) of people make their last pilgrimage to this forest to never leave. Here in the GraveYard we wanted to know why this place holds the stigma that it does and the history behind these pilgrimages. And also dive into some of the lore surrounding the ghosts of Aokigahara.

EP 13 The Way to San Jose

Tonight we discuss the Winchester Mystery House! We give you a brief rundown of the history of the Winchester Rifle Company, Sarah Winchesters life, and layout of the house. And it wouldn’t be GraveYard Tales if we didn’t give you a little ghostly activity to brighten your day!
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Cthulhu and Billy Joel