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EP 58 Tennessee Wildman and Other Wildman

This week we discuss the Tennessee Wildman and other Wildman stories!
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EP 57 Phoenix Lights

Tonight we discuss the lights seen over phoenix in 1997. But there wasn’t just one event…. And there weren’t just a couple witnesses! 
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EP 56 Goatman's Bridge

Tonight we discuss the Old Alton Bridge aka Goatman’s Bridge! Is it all its touted to be? Or is it a hyped-up local legend???
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EP 55 The Fae

Tonight, we discuss the Fae! And as many possible iterations of them as we could possibly fit into this episode!  **The guy Adam was trying to remember is Pliny the Elder**
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EP 54 Monte Cristo Homestead

This week we discuss the “Most Haunted Home in Australia”! What do you think? Have you ever been there? We know one thing for sure….. It sure is creepy lookin!
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