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EP 50 NDEs & OBEs

This week we look into Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences. What do they have in common? And What’s different about them?
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EP 49 Poveglia Island

This week we discuss an island that’s off limits to tourists… and to almost everyone in fact. Between the brutal history and the present day hauntings, you might not want to got there any way
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EP 48 A Dybbuk and it's Box

This week we take a look at what a Dybbuk is and do Dybbuk Boxes have ancient origins
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EP 47 The Kraken

Tonight we discuss the Kraken! Was it just myth? Was it based on an actual animal? Is it….. Still out there?!

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EP 46 Haunted House Interview

In this bonus episode we take a trip to Matt’s parent’s house and interview them about the spirit activity they have had since they moved in…. 41 years ago!

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