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EP 43 Remote Viewing

Join us tonight as we take a look at Remote Viewing and Project Stargate! We look at some of the tests that were done, FOIA documents, and even teach you how to remote view for yourself!

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EP 42 Marfa Lights & Brown Mountain Lights

Marfa Lights
Brown Mountain Lights

Join us tonight as we discuss the Marfa Lights and the Brown Mountain Lights! Both enigmatic phenomena but with what we feel like are totally different causes

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EP 41 Secret Societies!

This week we decided to look into something a little different for us… Secret Societies! We make no judgments on the legitimacy of any of these groups or their supposed agendas and are simply reporting what we found… and there were some interesting finds

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EP 40 Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Tonight we discuss one of the craziest places we have ever researched! The history is brutal so be warned it may not be for everyone

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EP 39 Banshees

Tonight we dive into the legend of the Banshee! Join us as we wail our way through it

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