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EP 37 The Stanley Hotel

Join us tonight as we discuss the Stanley Hotel, it’s history, and it’s connection to Stephen King!
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EP 36 Poltergeists

Tonight we take a deep dive into Poltergeists! Join us as we discuss the theories of what poltergeists are and tell some freaky stories!
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EP 35 Victoria's Black Swan Inn

Tonight we give you a slightly shorter episode. We discuss the Victoria’s Black Swan Inn in San Antonio, Texas! Quite a haunted place and is definitely on our GraveYard Field Trip List!
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EP 34 Loch Ness and Lake Tahoe

Nessie and Tessie
Tonight Matt leads us through sightings, and theories of the Big Dog of lake cryptids..... The Loch Ness Monster. And Adam runs us through some sightings and a brief discussion of the Lake Tahoe Monster, Tessie Go check out Devil Eye

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EP 33 Pyramid Lake and The Beast of Busco

Happy Friday the 13th! Tonight we discuss the weirdness at Pyramid Lake Nevada, and tell you the story of the Beast of Busco

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